Nicole Berenguer Twin Cities, MN

I have been working in the salon industry for over 13 years. I have an Associate's Degree in General Studies but found that my passion is within the hair world. Like all the services I provide, I love the instant gratification of seeing my clien ts smile and how happy it makes them feel afterwards!

A few things that set me apart from other stylists include my detail oriented work, my range of services, and keeping up with the education that keeps me current and relatable. I am also extremely passionate about the entire beauty industry! I am always available to answer questions that involve any hair service that I provide in the salon. When I tried my best to find the hair supply I found this program Wequeen by chance some time ago. I was attracted by their stylist program to sell hair without upfront inventory cost.

What's more, I can get my own website, a ll free. So this is really fabulous, see, your own website, and you don't have to spend money to prepar e the stock, the only thing you need to do is send your clients to buy hair, easy things! Now I have bee n working with Wequeen for 3 months, my clients keep buying from my Wequeen website and I do hair for them. And I am so glad that my clients doubled in the past 3 months.

Jeniece Couch CA USA

I am one of our early birds! Starting as early as 8am, I am a ddicted to Dunkin Donuts Coffee and accommodating all my client's needs! I have extended my education over the years further and further, making me very experienced in all fields of hair services. I am very creative and fantastic for those in decisive clients wanting something new, whether it is cut or color!

I owned my own salon for 7 years before I had my first and only son! My baby is now happily married and I spend most of my nurturing abilities and time with my client's 5 days a w eek! I knew Wequeen through my friend and I saw that it c an provide the best virgin hair for my clients.

So I decided to join this stylists program to earn some extra money but the key is that I can help my clients to choose the best hair. Now Wequeen help me solve supply problem and I have more energy to help clients achieve the ultimate style that's right for their hair type.

Emily Considine Twin Cities, MN

I have great passion for styling hair and it shows in all of my work. I love getting women glammed up and making them feel gorgeous. As a stylist with 10 years in the beauty indus try I continue to hold great value to customer service and pr oviding the best experience possible. My sessions are exclu sively done in a private room setting.

Firstly I help my neighb ors to give the hair more shape and bounce and then procee ds to teach them how to care and maintain their look at home.Luckily my friend introduced a stylist program Wequeen to me and then I joined it.

Now I own my website without any cost and I can earn commission in the website. All clients who purchase hair from my website think highly of it. Since I joined Wequeen more and more clients find me to style hair. It is a fabulous experience to work with Wequeen!