Pre-Sale Guidance

Pre-Sale Guidance

We understand that it’s really hard to find your dreamed wig. Either the real wigs looks nothing like the product images, or never get a price matching wig with good design,or you just have to wait for ages for your stylist to make one for you. Now it’s time to have your own call to engaged in picking your beloved wig.

Pre-Sale Guidance

WeQueen will be posting several selections of wigs with beautiful design on our website, under the pre-sale collection. Pre-Sale wigs do not participate in any other discounts. The ones that are mostly purchased will be made by WeQueen's professional hairstylist team, which may take 7 - 10 working days (The actual process time depends on the wig styles. Colored wigs may take longer than the natural black ones).

Special Discount

Now you can place an order with a SPECIAL DISCOUNT before it is available.

Limited Time Offer: the earlier you place an order, the better discounts you can get. (1st-20th orders = 25% off,20th-50th orders = 20% off)