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Bonus Items

To show our appreciation for placing an order and get more babies know about Wequeen Hair. We will award customers with valuable bonus after you do a real reviews. There are 2 methods of bonus items can be found in the chart below.

Methods 1: Comment on post on your Facebook page

Step 1. When you receive the hair/wig, or after install hair/wig, you can take pretty photos or short video( within 60secs, and clear ) about showing the hair/wig or your feeling;

Step 2. Comment a review on our Facebook Page's post with your pretty photos/video ( our FB Page: wequeenwigs, any wequeenwigs' post is okay, Neither Facebook Group nor your own Facebook Page);

Step 3. Once your comment of photo/video is liked over 50 times, we will send you $50.Once it is liked over 150 times, we will send you another $50.(50 Likes = $50 , 150 Likes = $100)

Methods 2: Do a review video on your Youtube channel

Step 1. You can do a hair review video ( at least 60secs, clear, and horizontal screen ) and upload it to Youtube.

Step 2. Once it reaches 200 views, we will pay you $50;Once it reaches 2000 views, we will pay you another $50. If the review video is over 5000 views, we will send you the new arrival wig for free. And you can share the new experience. (200 Views=$50, 2000 Views=$100, 5000 Views=Free wig)

An easy & creative item! Come to share your pretty look with us! Please follow our FB Page( wequeenwigs ) . If your photos or post meets the requirement. Please send a screenshot via email to

Tips: The clearer your picture or video, the better it will be.


      Reference 1:Comment on our page's post with photo >> 


      Reference 2:Do A Hair Review Video on Youtube>>