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Wig Care Instructions


-Lace Wig Units Are Very Delicate Investments. The Longevity Of The Lace Pieces Vary From Customer To Customer.
-Lace Can Last Anywhere From 2 Months Or Longer.
-Lace Pieces Are Expensive But Are Delicate And Can Tear And Bald With Time.
-Switching Up Your Lace Wigs/ Pieces Will Extend The Wear Of Your Units As Daily Wear Can Take A Toll On Your Lace.
-Lace Pieces Are Strands Of Hair Hand Tied Into Lace.
-When Knots Are Bleached On The Lace This Also Shortens The Life Of The Lace.
-To Care For Your Lace Properly It Is Recommended To Not Put Lots Of Strain On The Lace Itself. Excess Combing, Digging At Lace And Pulling On Lace Can Damage Your Lace.
-Wash Your Lace Pieces Delicately When They Are Built Up From Hair Products. Allow Lace To Air Dry Instead Of Using Brushes/Combs While Blow Drying With A Hand Dryer. Air Drying Is Always Best.
-After Washing Your Lace, Spray The Inside With Gots 2 Be Freeze Spray To Seal The Knots After Washing.


Cowash every 7 days.
Using your favorite conditioner
1.Wet hair completely in a bowl of water. Detangle with a Denman or paddle brush or wide tooth comb. Start from end of curls and work your way up. Combing from roots to ends should not be done.
2. For soft tamed curls no product is needed just allow to air dry with out touching.
3. For tamed curls use curl products. CACoutureHair recommends the below brands as they have been tested on the hair.
-Adris Everything Foam
-Curls unleashed
-Any conditioner, water and oil mix
-Ecostyler Green Gel and water
Apply products when hair is wet. Allow to air dry without disturbing the pattern.
Best and faster way to wash your hair is while you shower if its sewn in.
For wigs submerge in water apply defining products and hang to dry.
Properly detangle from ends moving up.
When done properly curls will not puff up. Be sure to protect your hair from humidity.
Natural humidity effects all hair including curly extensions. Be sure to use a little more defining product on those hot humid days.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
A wide tooth comb or denman brush should be used on your curly wig unit.
Lace wigs are delicate and handmade. Proper care is very important to avoid shedding and tangling.

-Wash hair with lukewarm water.
-Cowashing with Tresemme Moisture Rich or Suave Avocado and Olive Oil conditioner.
-Only shampoo hair when there is product and oil buildup.
-Use a denman crush or wide tooth comb when washing. Especially curly and wavy hair. This helps curls pop.
-Allow hair to air dry
-Use small amount of oil mists or serums to keep hair soft and manageable.
-Avoid use of lots of products to avoid buildup.
-Wrap Hair before sleeping and never sleep on wet hair